Benchev Svetozar | Biography
Benchev Svetozar - An Attempt at Meditation
Art, Painter, Svetozar Benchev, Benchev Svetozar, Bulgaria, Water Color, watercolor painting, sculpture,
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:: 1990– 1991 Postgraduate qualification, National Academy of Art, Sofia, Scholarship in the name of Dechko Uzunov

:: 1984-1989 Master of Arts in Painting, National Academy of Art, Sofia

:: 1976-1981 Fine Arts School Sofia, Secondary School


:: Since 2011 Deputy Dean of Fine Arts Faculty

:: 2010 Professor, scientific degree

:: 2002 Associate professorship, scientific degree

:: Since 1996 Full time lecturer in Drawing at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia

{ Artist Statement }

The theme I am elaborating on is the interaction man-Universe,the war of the elements and the peace between Fire, Water, Air, Earth are contemplated in silence by the special feature of another element comprising and comprised in the rest of all of them-the human spirit.
Our inner conditions are reflections of this superiority fight which fully prevails over our daily round. Perhaps we could calm the elements inside of us for a short time trough the power of our deepest nature.


May be then we could be delighted at the cherries’blossoming, at the bird stealing a cherry, at the edge of waves and sand filled with mastery,pleased at the cup of “tea from the sea”.
May be then we wouldn’t look strange that the characters in the series “Lady with a hat” are bringing into our strenuous present a part of the harmony and tranquility from the paintings of the masters.
I am trying to find out these eternal values,which are independent on time and deep in our nature and which i would like to share with the hurrying modern man trough my paintings.
– Svetozar Benchev